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Cork Hellas

29 Klm Thessaloniki - Ν. Moudania

57500, Thessoloniki

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Our company, KOKKALIDIS BROS – CORK HELLAS, has been activated in the products for the wine bottling industry since 1991, focused on the cork stoppers.  
In our self-owned premises in Thessaloniki we have founded a commercial and processing unit, with a significant production capacity, where the printing and final surface treatment of the corks takes place. We have also established a fully equipped laboratory, where all necessary quality controls regarding the corks and the integrity of the bottling are made. Our range of products includes cork stoppers of any type for wines, distillates, liquors, olive oils. We represent companies of the most reliable products.  
The crown jewels of our products are the DIAM high technology cork stoppers of the French company DIAM FRANCE SAS, which we exclusively represent in Greece. The DIAM corks have given us the potential to bring to the market wine sealing products of very high specifications. 
Through their correct use and management they comprise tools for the bottling process, with emphasis on detail and personalization, which are augmented through the way of research and experience. They contribute to the further evolution of the traditional, but technologically advanced cork bottling. 
DIAM corks are produced in seven different types, which are related to the requested life span of the bottled product. They are enriched with the option to select oxygen permeability (middle, low, very low), targeting the desired preservation, development, and ageing of the wine.  
DIAM has proceeded to the production of ORIGINE by DIAM corks, made of 100% natural raw materials, which come from renewable sources such as bio-based polyol from plant resin oil and natural beeswax. 
Our company also represents the Italian cork company COLOMBIN, with cork stoppers of a classic quality. 
Our range of products is complimented with cork stoppers of any type, mainly of Portuguese origin, which cover the needs for capping on any type of bottle. This category includes cylindrical corks, conical corks and head corks, in any required dimensions. 
We also offer plastic head corks of Italian origin, mainly for spirits and oils. 
We can further provide the synthetic cylindrical stoppers of the French company SYNTEK. We supply aluminum pilfer proof caps in a large variety of dimensions, colors and printings, suitable for bottling wine (with a saranex liner), as well as liquors, oils, etc. 
Our company represents the VINOLOK crystal T-closures, of Czech origin. These are special types of capping products, providing secure-seal solutions of the highest aesthetics. Sweet and dry wines, tsipouro and other spirits, liqueurs and oils are all able to individualize and upgrade their packaging with VINOLOK. 
Our company is focused on the creation and development of our domestic know-how, which responds to the needs of the Greek winemaking reality. 
The goal of our company is not only the production and sales of cork stoppers, our target is the contribution to the progress and upgrade of the Greek wine bottling, to a level similar to their quality.  
We invest in technical means and infrastructure, in procedures of research and development, in human resources of high level of knowledge and workmanship, striving for the continuous development and optimization of our mission, the bottling of Greek wines. 
We are always at the service of the Greek wine industry through products and services of the highest level. 

Thessaloniki International Wine Demo Spirits Competition
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